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Recent Releases and Next Show Update!


I'm excited to announce the release of two new pieces that will be unveiled at 

Sargent's Fine Art Gallery
802 Front Street, Maui
 on July 26, 2018

(I'll be in attendance every evening there on the 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th)

My painting; "Spirit of Aloha" was painted in 2003 and the editions sold out in 2008. I was commissioned last December to paint a newer version (oil on wood panel), 
which I completed last month, entitled "The Aloha Spirit".
 The piece has just been published. Hand-embellished limited editions on canvas will 
be available on July 25th, 2018 upon my arrival on Maui.

I have also just completed an oil pastel on fine art paper that I've been working on for months, which will be unveiled at Sargents too!

I'm really looking forward to these releases as 
                                                   much of my heart, spirit and time was put into them ;o)                                                                                                                                             -Lori


Appearing 12/25/17 - 1/2/2018 at Sargent's Fine Art, Lahaina Maui!

It was so great to see some of my old collectors and a special thanks to the new ones I met last week at Sargent's!! I'll be returning to Maui on Christmas day until the January 2nd and will be at the gallery everyday painting while I'm there.
Until then....Mele Kalikimaka!!


New Gallery Venue & a Personal Note to my Collectors:

To My Dearest Collectors,

After 15 years showing at the 844 Front St. Lahaina location, I have finally made a refreshing change in gallery venues… Signature Gallery Group helped me make the move from my previous location, and I thank them and the owner Ann- from my heart , for aiding me during this transition. They are wonderful people and I'm so grateful to them and all the new collectors during the last couple of months!

From November 24-30, 2017, Sargent's Fine Art Gallery, at 802 Front St., will be hosting a reception and feature show for me and my art, as I will be working with them from here on out.  I am very excited tabout this union and look forward to a very successful future for everyone involved!!!

On a personal note: Although I pulled out of The Harte Gallery recently, and they no longer are authorized to represent my art or myself, I was unable to get the  list of my collectors for the past dozen years. So, if you would like to be placed on my contact list for new releases, upcoming show information, or would just like to contact me for anything, Please email me here, as each one of you are personally important to me, and I would love to hear from you!

With all my ALOHA to you all! -Lori


New Releases!!

Higgins is excited to announce the release of three new original oil paintings,
and New Gallery Locations!!!!! 
"Blossoming Resonance" 16x22 oil on wood panel by Lori Higgins (see Catalog Page below)

The Original Painting of "Blossoming Resonance" is currently Available 
at Higgins' new gallery on Maui!

On display at:
DeRubeis Fine Art Gallery
770 Front Street Lahaina, Maui HI 96761
"Kane Kahiko" 40x10 oil on wood panel by Lori Higgins (see Catalog Page below)

The Original Painting of "Kane Kahiko" is currently Available 
at Higgins' new gallery on Maui!

On display at:
DeRubeis Fine Art Gallery
770 Front Street Lahaina, Maui HI 96761

Spirit of The Superstitions"  24x49 oil on wood panel by Lori Higgins (see catalog page below)

The Original Painting of "Spirit of The Superstitions" is currently Available 
at Higgins' new gallery in Vegas!
On display at:
Signature Galleries
The Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian 
3377 S. Las Vegas Blvd, Suite 2310 Las Vegas, NV 89109

Hand Embellished Limited Editions 
of all new pieces are also now available at the above galleries, including:

Wyland Galleries Beachwalk Waikiki
Wyland Galleries Haleiwa North Shore


My little Billi-Girl has passed...

Friday, my little girl had emergency heart surgery but her precious heart stopped the next day while recuperationg. My heart is so heavy right now...

Billi-Girl Higgins, passed in Phoenix 7/1/2017

I miss you so much right now, you were my partner in crime, my only child , my precious angel!!!!!


It's Official!!!!
Lori Higgins has left Harte Galleries  in Lahaina as of 10am today 6/26/2017!!!
Higgins is excited to announce her move to Signatures Gallery Group..and will be showing her work and new pieces in Wyland Galleries on: Front Sreet Lahaina, Maui  - Wyland at Beachwalk, Waikiki, OAHU and Wyland Galleries Haleiwa, North Shore!! 
More info to come in the next few days.........


"Getting ready for the Vegas Show!"

"Only 10 more days until the Vegas Show on the 20th! Getting excited to see everyone, it's been too many years!!

 I'll be unveiling new pieces including original paintings and my latest sculpture the Dancer! She'll be in her clay form and the Harte gallery will be offering a pre-cast special deal on her that day.

 I'm also really looking forward to collaborate on the Patina for her with the first buyer!!!!" -Lori

Harte Gallery All Artist Event
The Four Seasons Las Vegas
Saturday, May 20th 2017
(I'll be in attendance from 11am through the evening, and again on Sunday for brunch with the first collector(s) of "The Dancer")


New Sculpture Release!

Pre Market-Release Sculpture Offer!!!
"Memories Mau Loa" 
Bronze Sculpture in a yellow or red patina

The moon rises and the ocean kisses the sand.

As the sea embraces the shells and the breeze hugs the flowers, our memories have been passionately made.

Although tomorrow is just a dream away, 
the place within our hearts is where we'll always stay, Mau Loa.  -LH



Medium: Bronze Sculpture

Size:  (will list on Monday)
Open Edition

Patina: sculpture available in red hibiscus or yellow.

Higgins' name etched into each piece , incl. a Certificate of Authenticity.
Two colorful hibiscus atop a heart shaped shell lei laying across the lava rock on the beach sand.

First Release
Harte Galleries , Maui
February 2017

Upcoming Shows!

Upcoming Show....

 Harte Gallery "All Artist Event"
The Four Seasons Las Vegas
Saturday, May 20, 2017  

“ALL ARTISTS EVENT” featuring...

Lori Higgins • Katherine, Ryan & Antonia Quinn on behalf of ANTHONY QUINN • Woodrow Nash • 
Scott Cleek • Lauren Bone • Maxine Bone • Craig Bone • Lee Reedy • Socrates Marquez • Rascal • Remling • 
Zaza • Emzar Khabuliani

AND $2,000,000 of MASTERWORKS featuring art by:


If interested in attending, please contact the Harte's for more information and/or an invitation/RSVP or 702.346.3833